September 13, 2009

Prescott Perfection

Yep... Welcome to Prescott. What a beautiful town. I have been before, but when I was still in pigtails. So, everything was pretty much new to me. The Victorian houses were to die for, the people were so friendly, and the weather was perfect. And here I thought I would have to move across the country to get those things; I could move 2 hours NW and bamm... right in the middle of perfect!

Take a gander at a sampling of the pictures I snapped during our day trip.

The best $2.96 ever spent at Wal-Mart. The worms kept Nic happy the entire time!

This was at a scenic stop on the way to Prescott... Look at those clouds!

I think I took well over 200 pictures in all. You can find the rest here.
We had such a fun trip. Prescott is a lovely place - The husband and I are already planning a return trip, without the kids!


  1. where is Prescott? soooooo pretty!
    near the mountains... cause those clouds look CLOSE! :)

    for the last couple years we've lived at a high elevation... that is one thing i have just love... being so close to that white fluffy goodness!

    sure looks like yall had fun... worms & all! :)

  2. Hi Carissa... Prescott is on the mountains of Arizona... about 2 hours NE of Phoenix. Such a lovely get-a-away from the 100+ tempatures! And the clouds were yummy, for sure!