October 28, 2009

New Blog...

Come visit me at my new blog... Working on making it all pretty...


October 10, 2009

Still Here...

Rug doctor did not get the best of me! :)

So, I am working with a fab company to design a new blog. I am hoping to take some of my old posts from older blogs I had to mash everything together.

I should be revealing the new blog and URL within 2-3 weeks!!

Stay tuned... I am soooo very excited about it!!

September 25, 2009

Big day for us tomorrow...

Looks exciting, huh?
Edited to Add: Woke up to the dining room & hall way already done. Marcos must have stayed up real late...I was gonna help but Nic and I went to bed! I must have fallen asleep when I was putting Nic to bed.
Love my man!

September 22, 2009

Picture from Back in the Day - Mexico 2008

A wonderful 3-day vacation in sunny Mexico... I love this picture.

October is right around the corner...

and do you know what that means?

Photo Credit: www.tempeoktoberfest.com

To be honest, I have never been to an Oktoberfest in the United States before.

Only to ones in Germany (aka the real thing!).
We are making a day of it - there are a ton! of family things to do!

Also in October, on Halloween to be exact, my baby will turn 14!

I can hardly believe it. 14 - wow!

We have some fun things planned for his birthday - can't wait to share them with you here!

September 18, 2009

A little diddy for ya!

Just a swipe of the debit card
and the tickets are bought
yes, the tickets are bought
Just a swipe of the debit card
and the tickets are bought
in the most delightful way!

This post by one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah, got me thinking this summer. I had never once considered taking my daughter to go see a play. Why not? Not sure. I thought, when I read Sarah's blog: What a great bonding experience!

So, I scoured the net for local shows... and FINALLY tickets for Mary Poppins went on sale starting Sept. 13. I snagged us 3 tickets... Isabel and I decided we also wanted my mom to go. Unfortunately, we have to wait until February - but I am sure, once it gets here, we are going to have a blast!!

September 15, 2009

When I am alone...

...I have one thing I love to do... burn candles.
I have a hard time burning them at other times because of a 2 1/2 year old (who shall rename nameless). He LOVES to spit on blow out candles. I am just so afraid that he will try to touch one, or knock one over. I won't take chances...
So I only burn them when he is out of the house.
Take today, for example.
I dropped him off at daycare... I am back home, working. I decided to light not one, not two, but 4 candles.
There are two apple cinnamon in the kitchen, a clean cotton one in the bathroom,
and divine country flowers one in the living room.
My house smells heavenly.
Until the kids come home, that is!